best exporting companies

As Gostyń county we can be pride because in our region are based more than 150 exporting companies.

If you are looking for a partner out of: food processing, textile, woodwork, carrieges and car parties, industry and packaging please check this. You will find there more than 40 the best exporting units.

The catalogue with the leading exporting companies from Gostyń county is now available in EnglishUkrainian and Russian.

Каталог компаній-лідерів експорту з Гостинського повіту доступний в англійськійукраїнській, та російській версіях.

Каталог компаний-лидеров экспорту с Гостынского уезда доступный в английской, украинской и русской версиях.

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economic background

Would you like to make a business in Gostyń area? If yes, maybe a pile of information would be usefull for you, check them here.

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international voluntiering opportunity

Association for Entrepreneurship Support of Gostyń County is hosting and sending organization for European Voluntary Service and European Solidarity Corps.

Right now we are hosting a volunteer who is a team member in our project: "Good Job!".

For details please contact us directly: 539 310 205